Achieving Goals for Organizational Effectiveness

Goal setting is routine in most organizations, but goal achievement – the key to professional and organizational effectiveness – is far more difficult to master.

While there are many tools to set, modify and measure goals, when it comes to buckling down to work and staying on track, the reality is that willpower, pep talks, rewards and punishments are just not enough.

Level Up! with Pollinate’s Goal Achievement Program

Our Level Up! Goal Achievement Program closes the gap between setting goals and achieving goals in the workplace.

Level Up! delivers proven methods and tools for reliably meeting goals.

Mindset and capacity are the keys to goal achievement. One reason people struggle to attain their goals is that our cognitive biases get in the way of good planning. For example, humans have a natural tendency to overestimate their capacity to get things done. And the more complex the goal is, the more difficult it is to estimate the time and effort involved.

Pollinate’s one-day Level Up! Goal Achievement program delivers proven methods and tools for reliably meeting goals in the workplace. Level Up! includes an in-person workshop and a self-study component that covers:

  • The problem with traditional goal achievement methods
  • The brain science around goal attainment (cognitive and pragmatic problems)
  • How to capture intent by defining goals and breaking down tasks
  • Agile priority setting
  • How to stay focused on what matters most
  • Building a portfolio of success practices
  • Recognizing and harnessing core motivations
  • Sustaining positive change

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