Capacity building for growth and success

Pollinate is the strategic, agile way to build capacity across your organization, helping individuals reach performance goals for sustained growth and success in a transforming economy and world.

Unlike clunky, tedious learning management (LMS) systems and other checkbox approaches, Pollinate engages people with the right resources at the right time, guided by a powerful algorithm and insightful analytics, and informed by best-in-class organizational effectiveness methodologies, expertise and resources.

Algorithm-powered mentor matching

Our proprietary algorithm assesses individual learning styles, preferences and goals to match individuals within your organization for optimal, efficient coaching and mentoring that impacts performance. Our capacity-building solutions include Pollinate’s best-in-class mentoring programs for pairs or cohorts. Learn more about Pollinate mentoring programs

Pollinate fuels high purpose, high impact learning that is personalized and meaningful for measurable results.

Individuals and groups will learn faster, better, and go deeper for:

  • digital transformation
  • upskilling & learning sustainment
  • leadership development
  • team building
  • culture change
  • business performance and operational improvements

Find out how Pollinate can help your enterprise build capacity:

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