Case Study: MUFG


A global financial leader, MUFG offers services in banking, wealth management, securities, and capital markets, as well as personal and corporate trusts. They build relationships with their clients by offering insights and a customized approach. Their client base spans multinational corporations, institutional investors, individuals, and small to medium-sized businesses.


JMReid Group creates relevant, rigorous learning solutions built to instill real change. Their learning designs target middle to high performers where the greatest lift within an organization resides.

The Challenge:

JMReid Group works with MUFG to support change at the front-line manager level, with a focus on accountability and increasing employee engagement. This work included addressing change after a recent merger, global organizational personnel issues, culture and climate alignment, performance reviews and providing a training program. JMReid Group partners with Pollinate to enhance the assessment and matching of MUFG leaders to cross-pollinate knowledge.

Pollinate Approach

  • JMReid Group redesigned MUFG’s oneRIVER training program to drive a culture of accountability that was contextual to the firm and highly engaging for participants.
  • The oneRIVER program prepares participants to lead a changing business in a changing industry by envisioning an expedition strategy and planning their journey.
  • The program itself is also a journey that includes pre-work (individual self-assessments), a workshop experience, and the formation of learner cohorts, using a matching algorithm to balance diversity with common interests.
  • The learning cohorts then choose their sustainment path, which helps drive a high level of involvement and engagement post-classroom.
  • JMReid Group assessed and optimally matched leaders in learning cohorts using Pollinate’s Knowledge Transfer Index and matching algorithm. These validated tools assess individual learning and relationship styles along with program-specific goals to support knowledge transfer and capacity building.


  • Employees reported that the training in leadership skills was particularly engaging and memorable.
  • 100% of front-line managers reported that learning effectiveness was high, both in design and delivery.
  • Front-line managers were able to address issues, hold employees accountable and increase productivity.
  • Front-line managers reported that the training had a significant impact on increasing productivity and employee engagement.
  • Context allowed employees to easily grasp the skills being taught and apply them, fluidly, to their own positions.
  • Learners reported that everything could be immediately applied to their current position.
  • Overall the program is heralded as contributing to a unified global organization with agile knowledge sharing and a winning culture.


Leadership skills training was engaging and memorable

Cross-pollination of knowledge enabled employees to grasp and apply new skills

Managers were able to address issues and ensure accountability

“The Knowledge Transfer Index (KTI) has been an invaluable tool when it comes to helping clients understand how they show up when working with others. Whether they are collaborating on a project or finding ways to share and acquire new information, the KTI gives them powerful insights into familiar elements like natural talent and physical learning style…From a coach's perspective, I like that the KTI is easy to explain, deliver, and debrief as well as highly actionable. Best of all, I don’t need to work through a lengthy report; a clear and concise three-page result tells me and the client all we need to know. I highly recommend the KTI as either a stand-alone assessment or a solid companion to other favourite tools.”

Jodi Hosking, Pollinate Networks Knowledge Transfer Index Debriefing Coach

“The use of cohorts to create supportive community and ownership is often untapped and overlooked. Cohorts helped move learners from passive participants to active participants, it shifted the ownership from the instructor to the learner.  Actions equal commitment, working in cohorts really helped people to show up and get the most out of the experience.”

John Reid, President, JMReid Group