Eileen Page B. Sc. (Hons), MBA

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Pollinate Advisor Eileen PageEileen engages leaders and organizations to realize relevant results for their customers, employees, operation, learning, and financials. Working confidentially with boards and executive teams she plans and guides end-to-end transformation – from development of vision and strategy to realizing relevant results. At the same time, clients strengthen leadership authenticity and alignment shifting confidence and resilience in working with others, as well as strategic thinking and organizational effectiveness.

Over the past thirty-five years, Eileen has guided values-driven organizations to achieve new levels of sustainable performance, through a ground-breaking process that surfaces the full potential of an organization, while developing resilient leaders who connect goals and people in a practical way to make powerful changes achieving robust, relevant results.

Our clients are innovatively and collaboratively exploring possibilities tapping into collective intelligences to courageously navigate the unfamiliar. They are organizations in all sectors and most industries: Regional and City Governments: Housing, Collaboration; Impact Organizations: Meaning, Succession; Institutions and Corporations: Service, Diversity, Teams, Effectiveness, and Entrepreneurial: Traction, Agility, Adaptability.

Eileen has led the reinvention of 35+ organizations working collaboratively with:

  • Boards and executives to develop, clarify and enable meaning and strategy through strengthening leadership capability and capacity: vision, values, innovation, strategic thinking, measures, governance, decision-making, accountability, leading change, culture, organization, conversation, conflict and performance management.
  • Managers to collaborate across functions to think, adapt, and empower ensuring people, information and infrastructure enable service.
  • Frontline employees to design, pilot, and generate positive results in delivering products and services.

Eileen’s approach assures results by engaging individual strengths, interests, and potential aligning them with collective vision and desired results; applying a proven methodology and a practical approach. Leaders, employees and teams build capacity (typically 30%+), capability, and agility to innovate and adopt change; organizations build cohesive and sustainable infrastructure with dramatic, positive improvements for customers, operations, the organization, and financially.

Eileen designs and teaches leadership, transformation, collaboration, coaching, quality conversations, visioning, strategy, organizations, culture shift and implementation/change in impactful experiential settings. Her passion is surfacing hidden talent, know-how and how to achieve more than was believed possible through people.

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