Jean-François Hivon

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Pollinate Advisor Jean-Francois HivonJean-François (JF) Hivon helps to deliver strategic organizational growth by turning your ideas into reality, using four key strategies:

  • Understanding business and organizational context
  • Creating Structure, Strategy, and Plans
  • Bringing Focus
  • Implementing.

JF’s experience includes work in core functional areas such as business and corporate development, general management, marketing, finance, process improvement, sales, training, and organizational development. He has excelled in leadership roles within small privately held companies.

JF believes that being of service, through caring and compassion, will positively impact people’s lives and engage them in producing results. JHe work best in roles where he has the freedom and opportunity to shape a productive and efficient work environment.

When working with JF, you’ll find a versatile, action-oriented relationship builder focused on getting results. JF is committed to serving people who are looking to turn their ideas for growth into reality.

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