2021: We intend to make a difference

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Setting an intent for your work and life can provide both a compass and a filter. When we set intentions, we build on the accomplishments, lessons, support and circumstances that got us here; these experiences made us ready to resolve to move forward. We can acknowledge mentors, collaborators, partners and, …

Where will virtual work go next? WFH trends for 2021

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Some of the common pain points that teams experience with virtual work are reminiscent of college or university experiences with group projects when someone essentially ghosts the team: they hardly communicate and only drop in on the project at the end to get the grade. Without that person’s contribution and …

Using “Yes, and” to confront reality and calibrate for the future

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In these challenging pandemic times, we need a new vision, a new way to create our success, and the motivation to overcome the many challenges on the path forward. “Yes, and” is a fundamental improv exercise that teaches us how to assimilate new information and contribute to the scene. First …

Pollinate Advisor Dr. Mary Fernández

Dr. Mary Fernández

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Dr. Mary Fernández consults with non-profit organizations on strategy, program planning, and leadership development. During her three-decade career, she has been a non-profit leader, a research computer scientist, and technology leader, a passionate mentor of students from historically underrepresented groups in science and engineering, and a champion for diversity and …

Pollinate Advisor Doug Brooks

Doug Brooks FCPA, FCGA, C. Dir

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Doug Brooks is Executive Director for Strategic Growth Partners Inc., a 21-member association consisting of independent companies who provide engineered solutions and products to industries across North America. With member revenues in the billions, the Association’s mandate is to promote, advance and support the development of the members’ business and …

Pollinate Advisor Angelique Mohring web

Angelique Mohring

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Angelique Mohring is a former tech executive, consultant, and anthropologist, and has a deep understanding of how to leverage technology to help organisations transform, compete, and thrive in the new economy. Angelique is a key member of several global councils and bodies addressing important issues such as Artificial Intelligence & …