Pollinate Mentoring Programs: high yield learning, priceless connections

Mentoring is the best way to share – and preserve – hard-won experience, close knowledge gaps, retain key talent and transform culture.

Pollinate Mentoring Programs use proprietary algorithm-powered mentor-matching technology to identify the best matches for mentors and mentees based on:

  • individual psychometric assessments (the Pollinate Knowledge Transfer Index)
  • demographics
  • mentee goals
  • other pre-established matching criteria and program-specific objectives, such as connecting individuals from different parts of an organization or from different seniority levels within an organization.

Mentoring accelerates the transfer of knowledge throughout your organization

Easy-to-use program management tools and support

Pollinate also provides a host of educational resources, including training and e-learning modules to enhance mentoring productivity and overcome cultural and multi-generational biases. A user-friendly administrator dashboard, along with easy-to-use tools and reporting makes it easy to set up and manage a mentoring program and integrate it with your organization’s systems.

Proven results

Pollinate mentor matching technology has been honed through multi-year mentoring programs in corporations and associations, resulting in 96 percent of mentees reporting that they became better prepared to assume leadership roles within their organization.

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