Virtual Knowledge Networks

Share resources and collaborate online

Pollinate makes it easy to create a simple, flexible digital workspace to bring people together to focus on what matters most. Our virtual knowledge networks are easy to set up, quickly customizable to meet your needs and ideal for groups of individuals who are working remotely.

You can share curated resources, support discussion, track activity and measure results, plus:

  • customize your space by adding sections to reflect your needs
  • provide each team member with their own e-portfolio
  • match members with mentors and action groups
  • send alerts to community members to direct their attention to action items, resources or other activities
  • integrate goal achievement best practices
  • add your branding and graphics to personalize the space as desired

Pollinate Virtual Knowledge Networks are ideal for: 

Private communities for stakeholder communication:
  • Focus a large group of stakeholders around specific information and actions 
  • Keep people informed, manage discussions, encourage streamlined sharing

Your knowledge network online site is private for group members and customizable – from branding to content – to support your group’s goals.

Mentoring programs:
  • Optimally match mentees and mentors through our custom intake and proprietary collaboration style assessment, the Knowledge Transfer Index
  • Support 1-to-1 experience transfer 
  • Scale to serve any size of group
Learning networks/cohorts:
  • Support small group collaboration to transfer critical information and build network connections
  • Enable the creation and completion of shared or individual action plans

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