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Pollinate is an all-in-one organizational effectiveness platform that connects the analytics, tools and expertise to power enterprise transformation. It’s the strategic, agile way to turn your vision into reality.

Use Pollinate to accelerate knowledge transfer, capacity building and performance improvement for digital transformation, upskilling, culture change, leadership development, merger & acquisition transitions, and more.

Pollinate uses smart algorithms and analytic tools to engage people with the right resources at the right time, all informed by best-in-class organizational effectiveness methodologies, expertise and resources.

Transfer knowledge

Pollinate helps you quickly identify knowledge gaps, guide learning, apply and sustain new skills, and measure outcomes. Individuals and groups learn faster, better, and go deeper for specific, tangible outcomes.
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Build capabilities

Proprietary algorithms match people for a range of capability-building opportunities, including our best-in-class Pollinate Mentoring Programs, as well as for optimal learning flow to activate success and future-proof your organization.

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Assessment and analytics

Our smart algorithms, validated assessments and analytic tools provide insight and metrics to support and measure both individual development and holistic organizational effectiveness improvements. Pollinate goal tracking helps participants set, monitor and attain their goals, to stay focused on what matters most.
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Content sharing

Choose from a wide range of best-in-class programs for mentoring, leadership development, sales effectiveness, employee engagement, supervisory effectiveness and more to address critical knowledge gaps and opportunities.

Or curate your own content on our interactive, user-friendly platform. Pollinate’s simple and intuitive design makes it easy to create interactive, customized online learning sites – perfect for enhancing and sustaining in-person learning experiences. Integrate with your favourite applications and use across desktop and mobile devices for seamless, fluid engagement.
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Custom organizational effectiveness solutions

Pollinate was created by a team of organizational effectiveness experts spanning industrial and organizational psychology, business management, research and performance measurement analysis. The Pollinate Design Lab provides custom solutions and enables effective engagement strategies. We also work with a growing number of independent organizational effectiveness experts to provide the right tools and custom solutions to solve your hardest organizational challenges.
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Find out how Pollinate can help transform your enterprise:

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