Pollinate is an organizational effectiveness platform for enterprise transformation.

Pollinate’s expert resources, validated assessments, and proven matching algorithms and analytics equip individuals and groups to learn faster, better, and go deeper for success in:

  • cultivating the next generation of leaders
  • creating an innovation mindset and culture
  • breaking down silos for organizational integration
  • building strong teams following mergers and acquisitions
  • increasing employee engagement
  • improving sales results and operational performance
  • promoting a culture of inclusion that respects diversity, and more.

Pollinate is the intelligent, agile way to power knowledge transfer, capacity building, and learning sustainment to reach your performance goals.

Our Team

Pollinate is co-founded and led by CEO Christy Pettit and Chief Technology Officer Giovanni Salas. Our team includes organizational effectiveness experts with many years of experience spanning industrial and organizational psychology, business management, research, and performance measurement analysis.

Pollinate Design Lab

The Pollinate Design Lab provides custom solutions and tools to solve your most difficult organizational challenges. We help our clients identify and implement individually tailored solutions to facilitate successful hiring, onboarding, engagement, mentoring, and measurement and goal attainment for organizational success.

Pollinate Partners

Pollinate is proud to partner with a growing number of organizational effectiveness experts who contribute to our rich repository of content and tools, and deliver services using Pollinate’s cloud-based platform. Learn more about becoming a Pollinate Partner.


Find out how Pollinate can help transform your enterprise:

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