We have perfected the
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Mentoring is all about making the right match. At Pollinate we have perfected the art of strategically matching individuals for productive mentoring experiences.

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What is Cross-Pollinate AI™?

Our flexible, expressive matching algorithms feature two seamless pieces that give groups and pairs the best possible chance of success.

Cross-Pollinate AI™ enables you to gather relevant information on: experiences, expertise, goals, competencies and preferences. We then pair it with our proprietary psychometric tool, the Knowledge Transfer Index (KTI), which is designed specifically to balance collaboration styles.

This enables Pollinate to deliver a predictive system for creating successful learning groups and teams.

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Pollinate’s Knowledge Transfer Index

The secret behind better matching is that we go way beyond just program criteria to match people based on our proprietary Knowledge Transfer Index (KTI). Pollinate’s KTI is a psychometric assessment that summarizes seven elements of style, preference and ability, all of which affect how people work and learn together – in person or virtually.

We use the results of KTI assessments in our Cross-Pollinate AI™ matching algorithm to put people together strategically for Pollinate Mentoring Programs, teams and collaborations.

Mentee thinking about how the elements of the KTI interact.

Focused on 4 Core Areas

Use Cross-Pollinate AI™ smart matching to quickly and optimally form and reconfigure teams and groups to solve problems and activate new opportunities.

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How you seek and understand information
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How others help you and how you help others
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How you can effectively share your perspective
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How you use the knowledge you obtain

Proprietary technology matches you to your perfect learning partners.

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Jane Smith

Business Manager

Population Intelligence at Your Fingertips

We help you get better insight on your people and how they work together and enable you to generate more productivity.

Pollinate mentoring and collaboration projects provide you with in depth population intelligence.

In depth business analysis through population intelligence charts.

Here's what people are saying about the KTI assessment

“The algorithm-based mentor-matching is a great strength of the program. Our mentors tell us that the matching was a little uncanny: they were amazed at how easily they were able to connect with their mentees! Everyone who committed to the program was matched really well and are finding great success because of the connections made.”
Tara Topping,
Manager, Career Education Project Learning Tree Canada
“Pollinate Networks Inc is the perfect match maker, and bridges connections to provide women entrepreneurs with a supportive mentor to build their leadership and professional development skills. Mentors and mentees are carefully matched based on key elements such as leadership style, personality factors, and competency areas for mentoring. In addition, their team carefully crafted a platform to complement Rhyze Ventures' core program components: mentorship, project work, and education. Participants have access to eLearning resources, education module materials, discussion forums, and program updates 24/7.”
Adelaide Manley
Program Coordinator, Innovation Guelph
“The Knowledge Transfer Index (KTI) has been an invaluable tool when it comes to helping clients understand how they show up when working with others. Whether they are collaborating on a project or finding ways to share and acquire new information, the KTI gives them powerful insights into familiar elements like natural talent and physical learning style... From a coach's perspective, I like that the KTI is easy to explain, deliver, and debrief as well as highly actionable. Best of all, I don’t need to work through a lengthy report; a clear and concise three-page result tells me and the client all we need to know. I highly recommend the KTI as either a stand-alone assessment or a solid companion to other favourite tools.”
Jodi Hosking
Pollinate Networks Knowledge Transfer Index Debriefing Coach

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