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We have the experience that you can trust, whether you are starting a new mentoring program or enhancing your current program. Pollinate works with you to deliver mentoring programs that drive results. A more engaged workforce is a more productive workforce.


Pollinate was started in 2008 as a platform for mentoring and collaboration. The organization’s passion for mentoring and its desire to make a bigger impact resulted in the launching of Pollinate Networks. Pollinate is a human resources technology business that delivers mentoring programs that help drive your team’s productivity.

Better Mentoring programs start with better matching: meet Cross-Pollinate AI™

Pollinate has created a smarter matching software that leverages client-specific program goals and key psychometric data to deliver the perfect match every time. Tested in small and large, local and global organizations, the results are proven – over 97% of participants felt they were better prepared to help deliver on their organization’s goals and assume greater leadership roles after participating in a mentoring program with the right mentor.

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Tailored Approach

Every person is unique, and every organization has continually evolving goals. We understand that the same approach won’t work for everyone. Pollinate has developed highly flexible software and mentoring program design that lets you customize each program to your unique needs.

We make it easy!

Our process is designed around your organization and making the implementation easy.

Get expert advice, hands on support and all the resources you need for an engaging, results-focused mentorship experience. We build each mentoring program to your specifications and unique program needs.

  • Do you need a lot of help?

    We can help you get started. We are experts in mentoring.

  • Do you only want to use certain tools?

    We can customize to suit your needs.

  • Starting a new mentoring program or revitalizing an old one?

    We can help you get started or make an existing program better.

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