The Match Matters with Pollinate Mentoring Software

You can trust Pollinate to create a more effective mentoring program. Our extensive program design experience, responsive platform, and proven matching algorithm: Cross-Pollinate AI™ will ensure your bespoke mentoring programs are calibrated to exceed your goals.

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Mentoring Programs Drive Productivity, Collaboration and Goal Attainment

Pollinate Mentoring Software creates new connections, increases engagement, improves knowledge transfer and enables people to attain important outcomes.

Mentoring solutions engage people so they feel aware, aligned and productive. Our proprietary mentor matching software Cross-Pollinate AI™ enables you to gather relevant information on: experiences, expertise, goals, competencies and preferences. We then pair it with our proprietary psychometric tool, the Knowledge Transfer Index (KTI), which is designed specifically to balance collaboration styles.This enables Pollinate to deliver a predictive system for creating successful learning pairs, groups and teams.

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About Pollinate Networks

Pollinate has evolved from a desire to see people connect with purpose.

Everything we do is focused on helping people come together in the right configurations so they can solve problems and collaborate effectively.

Pollinate Networks Inc. specializes in providing mentoring and collaboration programs on both local and global levels. We accelerate knowledge transfer, build competencies, and amplify diversity and inclusion. Our programs match people to create the right conversations at the right time to accelerate growth, productivity, and success. We apply our Cross Pollinate AI matching algorithm, proven program design, diverse range of experts, best practices, and tracking and reporting to achieve your specific objectives, while ensuring the experience is highly rewarding, enjoyable, and productive for all concerned.

Our Team

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Christy Pettit


Giovanni Salas

Co-Founder & CTO

Sandra Walsh

Director of Technology

Meet our visionary leaders

Founded in 2008, Pollinate Networks is the brainchild of CEO Christy Pettit and her business partner, CTO Giovanni Salas.

Started as a consulting business over 14 years ago, the company re-focused and developed a revolutionary matching algorithm called Cross-Pollinate AI™ that is supported by a client-focused mentoring platform. Cross-Pollinate AI™ is the most effective matching algorithm in the mentoring landscape.

Both Christy and Giovanni have a true passion for the power of networking through effective knowledge transfer and the difference it can make when mentoring is properly implemented.

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Create mentoring programs that make a difference with Pollinate mentoring software

We have the experience that you can trust, whether you are starting a new mentoring program or enhancing your current program. Pollinate works with you to develop, enhance and deliver mentoring programs that drive results.

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