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Mentoring software that drives productivity through better matching.

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Has your organization adjusted to the new way of working?

Many people are feeling disconnected. Creating new connections increases engagement, improves knowledge transfer and enables people to attain important outcomes. Mentoring is a solution that re-engages people so they feel aware, aligned and productive. Mentoring supports learning, succession and innovation.

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Why Pollinate?

You can trust Pollinate to create a more effective mentoring program:
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Pollinate has over 14 years of experience. We’ve worked with over 100 organizations to implement effective mentoring programs with proven results.

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Better Matching

Pollinate has the most advanced mentoring software algorithm: Cross-Pollinate AI™. We help your team members better understand their similarities and differences to complement their approach to work.

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Tailored Approach

We use our advanced mentoring software to find the best matches. We then tailor our approach to your needs to ensure that we exceed your organization’s goals.

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Mentoring can make a difference

In 30 minutes you will see why Pollinate is the right choice.

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What People Are Saying

“At a time when many leaders are being asked to take on more risk and get more comfortable with uncertainty, the benefit of having ready access to a formal mentor has never been greater. What’s wonderful to see is how the simple process of matching people together generates such rich and supportive discussion.”
Suzie Custerson
Head of Global Leadership Development Programs, Talent Management at Manulife
“It was really interesting working with Pollinate to ensure our mentor matches were equipped with the information they needed to have a successful mentorship experience during the DMD event. The Pollinate Knowledge Transfer Index really provides useful insights into the individual learning styles and core motivations of our mentees and mentors.”
Jamie Burton
Chief Business Development Officer, CCRW
“Pollinate’s matching algorithm is pure magic. It’s been a great experience with excellent results.”
Janet Bax
Women for Nature Co-Chair and Mentorships Project Lead
“DFO has taken an active role in supporting the entrepreneurial efforts of many dairy processors, including on-farm processors that have decided to vertically integrate. Through our Start-Up/Scale-Up platform in collaboration with Pollinate we have been able to provide guidance, mentorship and grants to many participants in the program, tracking our progress and results to support the sustainability and growth of the Ontario Dairy Industry.”
Alan Grebinski
Director, Business & Educational Development, Dairy Farmers of Ontario
“Pollinate’s matching algorithm is pure magic. It’s been a great experience with excellent results.”
Janet Bax
Women for Nature Co-Chair and Mentorships Project Lead

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We have the experience that you can trust, whether you are starting a new mentoring program or enhancing your current program. Pollinate works with you to develop, enhance and deliver mentoring programs that drive results.

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