Board Effectiveness and Mentorship Program

The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) is governed by a Council of both professional and public members. The Council and its committees make decisions related to registration requirements, standards of practice, continuing professional development and the professional conduct of registrants.

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The Challenge

CRPO has a mandate to ensure council effectiveness and make it an ongoing area of development. The Council is composed of professional and publicly appointed members. Members need rapid knowledge transfer as they have a fixed term on the council, and there is a lot to know.

To ensure protection of the public interest CRPO has:

  • Gathered data on effective governance practices
  • Integrated a comprehensive competency reflection and coaching tool 
  • Implemented a formal council and staff mentoring program to further develop skills, competencies, and capabilities with all professional and public council members
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Pollinate Approach:


CRPO successfully implemented a framework to assess effectiveness and address any opportunities to improve. This new framework gives Council members insight into the behaviours and processes that ensure public safety, and includes data collection that enables on-going feedback and course correction, both at the individual and organizational level.

CRPO is focused on current issues affecting its membership: keeping engagement high during the pandemic, working through difference of opinion, keeping focus on public safety, and addressing the board’s need for development.

CRPO has built a scorecard to monitor and evaluate effectiveness on an ongoing basis.

Developed a mentoring program focused on regulatory-specific knowledge, governance, and chairing skills.


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Council Competency Areas

Client Testimonials

"With our Council's mandate of protecting public safety, CRPO is a great example of an organization where we have to be as effective as possible in transferring knowledge to and between Council and Committee members. We appreciate our partnership with Pollinate - they have the perfect blend of metrics gathering and mentoring know-how, and are helping us increase our effectiveness in both."

Deb Adams

Registrar and CEO

The governance and operational roles are always getting clearer in my mind as a progress in the role of sitting on Council.”

Council Member

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