Collaborative Leadership at Canada’s Insurance Fraud Preventer

Équité Association is a national organization leading the reduction and prevention of insurance fraud and crime and its impacts on honest, hard working Canadians.

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The Challenge

To support Équité’s leaders in rapidly developing leadership capabilities and positive culture, while they build the business.

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Pollinate Approach:


Pilot Program with VPs and Directors

Program includes: Cross-Pollinate AI™ Matching for Cohorts, Monthly Leadership Sessions, Self Evaluation Check In Surveys

Promoted mentoring within Équité that leaders will take back to their teams


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Client Testimonials

“The ELDP has been instrumental in elevating our executive leadership team’s skills in motivating and leading high-performing teams in a caring, performance culture, aligned to our core values, and in particular in delivering results, while always being invested in each other’s success.”

Terri O'Brien

President and Chief Executive Officer at Équité Association

“Participating in Pollinate's Employee Leadership Program has been an invaluable experience for me. The one-on-one coaching sessions have been particularly beneficial, as I've been able to directly apply the insights gained to various work situations. It's remarkable how well the program caters to my individual needs and career stage. I deeply appreciate my employer's investment in my leadership development.”

Karrina Dusablon

VP, Member and Employee Engagement & CMO

“I have found the Pollinate program to be highly engaging and informative. This program has aided us in gathering relevant facts and gaining a deeper understanding of human behavior, which we are able to apply to our leadership roles effectively.”

Betty Ng

Director, Investigative Services, Ontario

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