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Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) is owned and operated by Ontario’s dairy farms. DFO is responsible for providing leadership in the production of Canadian milk and dairy products. DFO ensures “A dynamic profitable growing Canadian dairy industry.”

Table display of multiple dairy products.

The Challenge

Dairy Farmers of Ontario had many small niche dairy entrepreneurs who were looking for help in developing and marketing their products for sale in Ontario.

Dairy Farms of Ontario Milk logo.

Pollinate Approach


Milk volume increased by 1.4M litres/yr for 4 processors with lowest starting volume

500+ ecosystem connections between participants, industry specialists and other stakeholders

3 new grass-fed products in market, including net new sales of 5.8 tons of grass-fed butter


Client Testimonials

“DFO has taken an active role in supporting the entrepreneurial efforts of many dairy processors, including on-farm processors that have decided to vertically integrate. Through our Start-Up/Scale-Up platform in collaboration with Pollinate we have been able to provide guidance, mentorship and grants to many participants in the program, tracking our progress and results to support the sustainability and growth of the Ontario Dairy Industry.”

Alan Grebinski

Director, Business & Educational Development, Dairy Farmers of Ontario

“[Since receiving Scale Up Program support to switch from imported butter oil to domestic cream] we have had great success with the quality of our products. Our customers are very happy to see the blue cow now on our labels & again the quality of our products is incomparable from before the switch!”

Central Smith Creamery

“We were able to complete our logo, sell sheets, business cards, product labels and website with the Scale Up Program funding. All our content is top notch, we love the look and feel of our brand and everyone who sees it loves it too.”

Sargent Family Dairy

“The support we have received has had a positive and effective impact on ADM Dairy, helping us think strategically in different ways for success. I am especially grateful for help with our business model and marketing.”

ADM Dairy Inc.

“All the big store chains want exact weight wedges and thanks to the exact weight cutting machine and the packaging machine [purchased with support from the Scale Up Program] we are able to produce the exact weight wedges.”

Stonetown Artisan Cheese Ltd.

DFO’s Start Up & Scale Up Innovation Programs have helped support the success and launch of over 30 dairy brands since 2017:

Various dairy brand logos supported by DFO.

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