Engaging New Generations in Nature Conservation

Women for Nature is a signature philanthropic initiative of Nature Canada that brings together professional women from diverse sectors and backgrounds across Canada. Its goals are to promote the importance of nature and to encourage more Canadians to connect with nature.
Christy Pettit and women for nature mentoring participants gathered together.

The Challenge

Women for Nature aims to develop a strong and engaged next generation of women leaders in science, nature and conservation.

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Pollinate Approach


93% of participants recommend the mentoring program
A Community of Practice webinar series enabled mentors & mentees to discuss topics of interest

The program received funding support from The Chawkers Foundation, Natural Resources Canada, and RW&CO.


Client Testimonials

“We’re really thankful for the partnership we have with Pollinate. Our mentees are thrilled with the mentoring program experience; they say it’s highly beneficial and means so much to them.”

Jodi Joy

Director of Development, Nature Canada

“Pollinate’s mentor matching algorithm is pure magic. It’s been a great experience with excellent results.”

Janet Bax

Women for Nature co-chair and mentorships project leader.

Participant Comments

“This is a wonderful program, absolutely encourage its continuation and explore possibilities for growth.”

“It has been very helpful when we have spoken. We are rather similar in personality so it is nice to hear how she has navigated similar challenges throughout her career.”

“Excellent matching exercise, I encourage you to continue the program, many transferable learnings (both ways)…  my mentee also shared her expertise with me and that helped build our relationship and her sense of mastery/contribution and what I learned from my mentee, I have been able to use in my volunteer work.”

“It is an excellent fit. I feel we can get to valuable issues and timely advice.”

“Talking through leadership obstacles with a mentor has real value, provides insight.”

“I am very thankful to have been a part of this initiative. I’ve learned so many things that have and will continue to significantly impact my career development.”

“It’s my first time in a formal mentorship program and even though it can be tricky to fit into life’s busy schedule, it’s amazing what can be organized across the country in a virtual capacity. One great lesson learned is there are opportunities for informal mentorships and understanding the value and benefits of a mentor, I plan to continue to seek out mentors elsewhere and find opportunities to mentor in future.”

“You have done a great job matching my mentor, we are off to a great start. I noticed our difference regarding details vs big picture. It is a good thing. I get stuck in details and like working with big picture people.”

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