Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Program

A US-based tech start-up that has recently experienced rapid growth identified the need to close gaps in company culture. With a diverse staff consisting of a variety of lived experiences, demographics, socioeconomic backgrounds, and a multitude of geographical locations, this virtual team needed a way to solidify comradery, transfer knowledge, and share perspectives. 

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The Challenge

The tech start-up wanted to ensure that it embraces diversity and inclusion to create a supportive company culture that promotes collaboration, productivity, and knowledge transfer. Peer-to-peer mentoring was identified as the most organic way to develop the company’s culture.

Pollinate Approach:


Successfully matched employees with different lived experiences for the purposes of peer-to-peer mentoring

Peer-to-peer mentoring provided a level of social support that supported the company culture

Pilot program with 14 participants


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