Effective Leadership and Mentorship Strategies for Hybrid Workplaces

Is your organization remote or currently operating under a hybrid work model? How is hybrid and remote work impacting productivity, performance and career satisfaction? Do you need innovative solutions for creating connections within your workforce?
On May 23, 2023 we hosted a short but informational webinar, as our CEO Christy Pettit welcomed Stephanie Messier, Managing Director of HR à la Carte, for a conversation about the current state of hybrid work. Stephanie has recently completed a research study on hybrid work environments for knowledge workers, and has uncovered interesting observations that can shed light on what is working and where support is needed. During this webinar we will investigate how mentorship programs can play a valuable role in keeping people connected, efficient and productive.

Registration is now closed.

Contact us at info@pollinate.net if you’d like to view the recording.


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