Undocumented Realities Mentor Training

While African-Americans account for ~13% of the total U.S. population, they account for less than 2% of enrollment in Computer Science Master’s programs, and less than 1.5% of enrollment in PhD programs.
Undocumented Realities is an e-learning module developed to improve mentorship of Black students in Computer Science and STEM programs.
It shares the real-life stories of students like “Jesse,” who told us:

“Not one person encouraged me to come to grad school … I had a few profs in undergrad who told me that my work and interests were ‘interesting’ and ‘promising’, but no one ever said, ‘Hey, you should pursue that’.”

The 25-minute mentor training module is for non-Black advisors of Black students. Mentors will learn about the role of unconscious bias and get mentoring strategies to help Black students navigate their education pathway.

Watch the mentor training module and share your feedback for future updates:

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Pollinate Mentorship Programs have been used to advance diversity initiatives since 2012, including supporting thousands of mentors and mentees involved in MentorNet, a national U.S. initiative aimed at encouraging women and underrepresented groups in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. Pairing STEM students with supportive mentors has been shown to increase their intent to stay in their programs and to work in the field.


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