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Is virtual teamwork getting you down? Are you struggling with motivation? A better understanding of your virtual collaboration style can increase your effectiveness. Take Pollinate’s Knowledge Transfer Index (KTI) assessment (free of charge for individuals through April and May) to get actionable insights into your unique collaboration preferences.

Need an energy boost? Juice co-founder Brady Wilson recommends starting every meeting with appreciation.

Our friends at Dialectic have launched a series of free Learning Snippets to support employees working virtually during the COVID-19 crisis.

Mentoring is more important than ever in this time of social distancing. Here are some tips to guide you from Allison E. McWilliams, Assistant Vice President of Mentoring and Alumni Personal and Career Development at Wake Forest University, in Psychology Today.

“It is being said around the globe: move a bad meeting online and you have a terrible meeting,” writes Nancy White of Full Circle Associates in her post about creative destruction and engaging communities online.

Need a balanced picture of what is going on in your organization? John Reid, President of the JMReid Group, discusses how the military expression “distance magnifies error” and how it affects our perception.

ICYMI: Can a sprinter become a marathon runner? 5 things to know for better virtual team collaboration by Pollinate CEO Christy Pettit.


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Dr. Giovanni Salas, CTO, Pollinate Networks Inc.

The Pollinate Optirithm

This article is a transcript summary from an interview with Pollinate Networks Inc. Co-founder and CTO, Giovanni Salas in June of 2024. In this interview, Giovanni describes the Pollinate Optirithm, what it is, and how his passion for researching the topic of knowledge sharing led him to the desire to develop this type of tool.

Mentoring is Mission Critical

Mentoring is a powerful tool that can change the world, one relationship at a time. Whether it’s improving educational outcomes, fostering career development, enhancing social and emotional well-being, reducing risky behaviours, promoting equity, or driving community and economic benefits, the evidence is clear: mentoring works.

Create mentoring programs that make a difference with Pollinate mentoring software

We have the experience that you can trust, whether you are starting a new mentoring program or enhancing your current program. Pollinate works with you to develop, enhance and deliver mentoring programs that drive results.

Two team members jumping into a high five.