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Tips for Creating a Thriving Mentoring and Collaboration Program

In the dynamic realm of tech-enabled programs and online communities, keeping users engaged is an ongoing challenge. This blog, inspired by insights from industrial psychology and supported by compelling statistics, delves into accessible strategies to not only attract users to a platform but also to sustain their active involvement in a group.

  1. Personalized and Varied Content:

    Users are more likely to engage with personalized content. Mixing up content regularly, such as having a “Tip Tuesday” every couple of weeks, adds variety. Allowing users to contribute to content creation not only diversifies the content but also fosters a sense of ownership.

  1. Scheduled and Interactive Posting:

    Consistent posting increases user engagement. Having a schedule, including features like tips and live sessions, provides users with regular and anticipated updates. Live sessions, like Ask Me Anything, create interactive opportunities for users to actively share their thoughts.

  1. Recognition and Celebration:

    Recognition increases employee engagement. Celebrating community influencers and active participants with personalized thanks or acknowledgment messages contributes to a positive and supportive community atmosphere.

  1. Shared Mission and Curated Polls/Surveys:

    Feeling part of a bigger mission is motivational and employees are more engaged when they feel a sense of belonging to a larger mission. Incorporating polls and surveys into regular check-ins fosters a sense of inclusivity and involvement in decision-making processes.

  1. Visual Appeal and Updates:

    Images get more views. Adding visuals from events or webinars makes updates visually appealing. A visual summary of community activities, like a “Quarter in Review” thread, keeps everyone excited about collective achievements.

  1. Anonymous Engagement and Accessibility:

    Allowing users to ask questions anonymously can address potential hesitations in participation. Implementing an option for anonymous questions ensures that participants feel comfortable seeking information without fear of judgment. Maintaining easy access to information through the platform is crucial for seamless user experience.

  1. Gamification for Inclusive Success:

    Gamification increases engagement. Rather than focusing solely on activity completion, gamifying the goal achievement process makes success inclusive for everyone, not just the top performers.

  1. Facilitating Connections:

    Connecting people is fundamental, and introducing mentors to mentees or creating a way for people to make their own introductions helps build relationships. Community is about connecting with people who share similar values and goals.

  1. Rethinking the 90-9-1 Rule:

    The traditional 90-9-1 rule, suggesting a breakdown of user engagement into percentages, is evolving. Recent studies highlight a shift in online engagement dynamics, challenging the validity of this rule. As engagement levels continue to climb, it becomes crucial to rethink and adapt strategies.

The message here is clear: online communities are evolving, and a more flexible approach that embraces the diverse ways users engage is essential for fostering a thriving and inclusive digital space. This may involve adopting strategies that cater to various levels of participation and recognizing that each user’s contribution, regardless of the scale, adds value to the community.

Fostering an active and engaged online community is about making users feel connected and valued. By employing straightforward strategies inspired by industrial psychology, platforms can transform into vibrant spaces where everyone not only participates but also finds joy in being an active part of something special.


Christy Pettit is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Pollinate Networks Inc.

For 25 years, Christy has developed new approaches and best practices for agile, effective organizations worldwide. She is an expert on matching people and organizations for applications including knowledge transfer and mentorship programs, flexible virtual and hybrid teams, and productive organizational and business ecosystems and networks.



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