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Cross-Pollinating Teams Through Leadership and Change

In 2019 a Canadian municipality contracted Pollinate Networks to support its 100 leaders in the pursuit to integrate their newly discovered values into leadership practice. In early 2020, the focus of this initiative shifted towards supporting leaders working and managing through rapid change on the front lines of the global pandemic.

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Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Program

A US-based tech start-up with a diverse workforce consisting of employees with many different lived experiences, demographics, and socioeconomic backgrounds has experienced rapid growth over the last 3 years. This growth has resulted in a rapidly evolving workplace culture and has identified gaps in the company’s approach to diversity and inclusion.

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Global Workplace Mentoring Program

A global science-based company with 30,000 team members across the globe identified a need to support career building and promotion readiness for new roles. Rising stars from across the enterprise wanted to share knowledge and gain context on the different approaches utilized by their colleagues.

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Regional Government Restructures to Alleviate Housing Crisis

The Region of Peel Housing Services Division, is responsible for ensuring that homelessness is prevented and people across the Region have access to affordable housing. Approximately 12,000 people were on a waitlist for affordable housing, with wait times of up to six years, despite several excellent programs focused on getting help in place.

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